Specialist of dermatology and venereology, addional subject angiology
President of the Austrian Society of phlebology
and dermatological angiology


Prof. Schuller-Petrovic, upon finishing general medical studies in Vienna, completed specialty training in the Dermatology Clinic of Vienna´s General Hospital. Her concurrent subspecialty training was in Angiology, concerning diagnosis and treatment of venous disease. After 12 years at the Vienna Clinic, she moved to the University Clinic in Graz, where she completed a research thesis for an academic doctoral degree in General Dermatology.

In Graz, Sanja directed the university hospital´s Division of Operative Dermatology and the Outpatient Clinic for Venous Disease. In 1998 she attained full professorship.

On the research front, Sanja´s concern has largely been venous disease. Her day-to-day acivities, aside from the practice of general dermatology, concern operative and cosmetic dermatology and the diagnosis and treatment of venous disease. Already in 1985, Sanja had performed the first liposuction in Vienna at the General Hospital, and in 1987 was the first doctor in Austria to perform autologous fat implantation.

Since 1998 Sanja has gained much experience with the minimally invasive Radio Wave Method of Venous Closure (VNUS CLOSURE), to treat varicosities heretofore removed surgically by more invasive vein-stripping. To prove the new method effective, she took part in international multi-center studies.
As of 2000 Sanja has further added Diode Laser Endovenous Closure to her armamentarium.
Sanja first set-up her private practice in Vienna in 1986, to open a second office in Graz in 1994 , where she continues her university work.. In Vienna she has recently opened VENEX, a center to teach and practice the minimally invasive surgical techniques discussed above for both venous varicosities and general cosmetic dermatology.

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